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The nation has been effected by this terrible Virus Covid 19. So many people are are feeling discouraged and baffled on how everything changed in a matter of weeks, days , and hours so quickly. It is overwhelming to hear so many sad stories people are entering the hospital separated from their loved ones some have died alone. Hearing what is going on can cause some people anxiety. So what are some things we can do to cope during this time. i think it is a time to reset, refocus, reinvent, rediscover, and reboot some things you have been putting off. So here is my list:

Reset-Start again and finish projects that need to be completed

Refocus- Refocus what is really important.

Reinvent- So you have a project that you started a few months ago or years ago and it just didn't go as you planned. Pray to God and ask Him if it is His will how to reinvent the plan.

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